Tim KightUncategorized September 2, 2019

#55: Adversity Is a Test of Your Toughness (Not Your Talent)

Tim Kight interviews Nick Foligno, captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Nick gives some deep insight in how he rose to the challenge when his family faced tremendous adversity right as his team began to make a run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

0:00 Intro

7:04 Nick’s background

13:55 Developing a leadership mindset

22:55 High confidence and low ego

26:38 Own your role

32:08 Create your own energy

34:17 The Foligno family deals with adversity

37:36 What resilient people do

41:54 The family deals with adversity again…

45:26 …and again

47:58 Find a way

54:35 A lesson in leadership

57:12 Closing