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Jared James My Thoughts on the Will Smith/Chris Rock Drama, Low Inventory, The Recent Mastermind in Vegas, My Bowling Game, and So Much More | Today With Jared James Ep. 78 On this episode I give my thoughts on the Will Smith/Chris Rock saga, how inconsistent my bowling game can be, highlights from our recent Mastermind in Vegas and if there is really low inventory in the real estate market or if we are really experiencing something else entirely. Listen in and enjoy! 
Jared James Motivation is An Excuse but Consistency is Undefeated | Today With Jared James Ep. 77 Motivation is often used as an excuse for why people don't do what they meant to do and many of those same people wish they were more consistent. This is a must-listen if you want to hear Jared's thoughts on these ideas and how to close the gap between what you intend to do and […]
Jared James Here Are the Changes I Am Making | Today With Jared James Ep. 76 The end of the year is a great time to assess what has worked and what hasn't and make the necessary changes. Check out this episode to hear what I'm changing both personally and professionally.
Jared James My Advice for 2022 | Today With Jared James Ep. 75 We are heading into the new year and we are in a market where what you do matters. For that reason, I've laid out the 5 things you need to do as you enter 2022. 
Jared James How Do I Come Up with Content, John Mayer's New Album, and More | Today With Jared James Ep.74 On this episode I am joined by Tom D'Ademo again and we talk about how I come up with content for our upcoming 2021 Jared James Advance, John Mayer's new album and much more!
Jared James How Does The iOS 14.5 Update Affect Your Marketing With Joe Kirschner | Today With Jared James Ep. 73 Apple and Facebook have been in a bit of a war and the latest Apple iOS 14.5 update is just another example of the drastic changes affecting the marketing world. Listen in as I talk to Joe Kirschner about this latest update and how it's going to affect marketing overall.
Jared James Live Events, New Tour, McConaughey, DMX & more w/Tom D'Ademo | Today With Jared James Ep.72 On this episode I'm joined by Tom D'Ademo and we talk about all that's happened the past month and give our takes on what we think matters. 
Jared James Gamestop, The Election, Company Culture and So Much More with Tom D'Ademo | Today With Jared James Ep.71 On this episode, we give the people what they want as I'm joined by Tom D'Ademo and we talk about just about everything that's happened the last couple of months.
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Jared James The Main Reason You Are Underperforming on Your Potential | Today With Jared James Ep.70 On this episode I go over the main reason people are underperforming on their potential based on a conversation I had with my kids and their friends. 
Jared James 8 Ways Your Marketing Needs To Change in 2021 | Today With Jared James Ep.69 On this episode, I talk about the changing landscape of marketing and what you change and go all-in on in 2021 to stay ahead of your competition. 
Jared James What I Learned From Spending a Week in Tulum With My Guys | Today With Jared James Ep.68 I just got back from a guys trip in Tulum, Mexico. I'm rested and ready to get back at it. On this episode, I talk about what I learned while away. 
Jared James What's Been Going On The Last Month | Today With Jared James Ep.67 On this episode, I chat with Tom D'Ademo about everything that's been going on the last month and why some are referring to him as his holiness.
Jared James Cassie Dunn Talks About Her Journey From Broke and Struggling to Saving and Succeeding | Today With Jared James Ep.66 A little over a year ago, Cassie Dunn was a new agent fresh off of a failed business and not sure how she was going to make it work in real estate. In a short amount of time, she has not only sold more homes than she ever thought possible, but she's also been able […]
Jared James Catching Up and Politics On Your Social Media Channels | Today With Jared James Ep. 65 In this episode, Jared takes some time to catch you up on what he's been up to since his last episode and goes over whether you should be getting political on your social media channels or not. 
Jared James Closing The Potential Gap | Today With Jared James Ep.64 Listen in to the closing session from the 2020 Jared James Advance as Jared breaks down how to close the potential gap in your life and business. This is one of the more important keynotes he's ever delivered so take some notes and listen as many times as you need to. 
Jared James Russell Brunson Talks Traffic Secrets | Today With Jared James Ep. 63 If you have a business or rely on customers in any way, this is the episode to listen to. Russell is one of the best marketers in the world and he talks about the best ways to create traffic to your product or service. 
Jared James The Coronavirus, Current Events, and More | Today With Jared James Ep. 62 On this episode, I have a conversation with Tom D'Ademo on the current state of affairs and our society as it relates to the coronavirus and what is good and bad for your business to post. 
Jared James Quintavius Burdette | Today With Jared James Ep. 61 Quintavius, "Q," did 106 transactions in his first year in real estate and is ready to do more. Listen in as he talks about how he did it, what he learned, and what he wants to change to get to the next level. 
Jared James Adam Contos | Today With Jared James Ep. 60 Adam Contos is the CEO of RE/MAX International, one of the largest publicly traded real estate companies in the world. Listen in to see how he went from a marine on a SWAT team to CEO.
Jared James Dan Stewart | Today With Jared James Ep. 59 Dan Stewart is the CEO of Happy Grasshopper and a masterful storyteller and communicator. Listen in as Dan covers how and when to create calls to conversation rather than calls to action and how to effectively formulate a message to reach out to past clients, cold leads, or prospects without making it feel salesy.