Tom FerryUncategorized December 31, 1969

12-Week Challenge: Lift Up Your Local Businesses | #TomFerryShow

We had so many memorable moments on the podcast this year, I’m sharing the top 10 conversations that you need to hear again and again!


For today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I wanted to share with you conversations that really uplifted, informed, guided and reminded us to continue in this journey of life and business that we’re all in. 


Some of these conversations – Tyler Whitman and Geraldine Ridaura Schumacher, for instance – were before the pandemic hit, but the knowledge that our guests shared still rings true today! Other moments were during the pandemic and I wanted to elevate them once again because voices like Gary Vee, Lizzie Velásquez, and Maurico Umansky provided the necessary boost to persevere through adversity. 


I always strive to deliver value, so while you listen to today’s episode, I hope you can embrace one or two valuable moments and run with it! It’s worth acknowledging that these conversations have connected us even more, and see how 2020 really changed things and gave us an opportunity to reevaluate our work, life, and business and give our all in different and innovative ways!