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Tom Ferry A Modernist Approach to Applying LPMAMA(S) The obvious way to achieve success in real estate is to have a ton of experience and a huge network – basically, already be successful. The other way is to think smarter and get yourself off on the right footing. When your brand is strong enough, experience doesn’t matter. If you’re a new agent, Jason […]
Tom Ferry From Waiter to Beverly Hills Super Realtor: YouTube Genius for Luxury Greatness | Luxury Code We have Rockstar agent Doug Edrington back in the house, talking to me about LPMAMA! If you’re not familiar, it’s a set of talking points for covering all your bases when converting leads into clients. But this isn’t your mama’s LPMAMA. No, Doug’s made it cleaner, meaner, and added a bonus “S” at the end, […]
Tom Ferry Prioritize People Over Profits to Thrive in Today’s Housing Market | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience You don’t just step into multi-million-dollar Beverly Hills listings and start making a fortune. First, you want to find the right mentor, perfect your conversion strategy, and find out what makes your marketing special. Basically, you want to be like Ben Belack. This week, I sat down with Ben and Jason Pantana to decode Ben’s […]
Tom Ferry Gain Velocity by Aligning Your Operations | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience Darin Marques was bartending when he decided to get into real estate back in 2009 – not exactly an easy time to get your start. But it didn’t take long until Darin was one of the top luxury agents in Las Vegas.   You could say that Darin knows a bit about thriving in a […]
Tom Ferry My Big 4 | Mindset Monday 167 Greetings from the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino in beautiful Uncasville, Connecticut! I’m here with Super-Team, Byron Lazine and Nicole White. When Byron and Nicole met back in 2016, they recognized the rare opportunity for a mastermind partnership which couldn’t be passed up, even if it meant relocating and beginning a new team from day […]
Tom Ferry Start with the End in Mind: Building the Right Teams to Scale Your Businesses | Team Builders The greatest marketing medium which has ever existed in the history of the universe? Yeah, it’s video! It’s so powerful, so effective, and so… EASY to make mistakes with! This week, Jason Pantana is going to walk you through seven of the most common mistakes real estate agents make in their video content. And if […]
Tom Ferry The Ultimate Email Trifecta for Generating Listing Leads | This Week in Marketing You may remember on last week’s Confidence & Conversion, Doug Edrington used the phrase “tactical winning and strategic losing.” This week, Doug and his longtime friend Malcolm Godwin are going to unpack exactly what that means and why strategic loses might sometimes beat out momentary wins when it comes to playing the long game. Doug […]
Tom Ferry Turn Results into Plays | Mindset Monday I’ll just say it: you’re not sending enough emails! I know what you’re thinking… “Nobody reads emails anymore!” But here’s the thing: When done correctly, email is actually one of the most effective marketing channels out there. This week, Jason Pantana is going to share a case study in which a specialized email strategy is […]
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Tom Ferry Unfolding Your Luxury Brand: Aligning Your Story, Work Ethic, and Ambitions | Luxury Code Things are TOUGH out there right now. When the demand is this high, your average buyer is likely going to lose the first five properties they set their heart on. What can we do to make our offers stand apart from the rest? Helping me answer that question is one of the most productive agents […]
Tom Ferry Rules for Being a Leader | MSM 166 Let’s face it, social media can be exhausting. You got into real estate to sell houses, not be an Instagram star! There are so many now: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok. And they are all STARVING for content. If you’re going to dominate social, you need to produce a huge amount of quality content in a […]
Tom Ferry Investor to Agent and Beyond: The Art of Reinvention with Andy Dane Carter True leaders don’t just happen. Being a leader comes from your character, your personal psychology, the rules you live your life by. It starts in your mind and translates to the world. I’ll tell you my rules, but one size doesn’t fit all. I want to hear YOUR rules. Let me know in the comments.
Tom Ferry Balancing Act: How a Married Couple Built 5 Businesses in 5 Years | Team Builders Growing up in poverty, Andy Dane Carter knew that if he was ever going to escape his situation and establish a legacy, he’d have to completely reinvent himself. Today, Andy has reinvented many times over, from a sommelier to running a marketing company, a real estate investor, a builder, and now an agent. This week, […]
Tom Ferry Find Your One Reason | Mindset Monday 165 Galen Callahan and Sergio Gonzalez have been married for 13 years, have five daughters together, and in the last five years they have built… you guessed it… FIVE different companies.  Where most people would be spinning out of control, Galen and Sergio have found a way to manage their businesses and their home life with […]
Tom Ferry 3 Tips for Better Lead Communication | This Week in Marketing Have you ever made a promise to yourself that you truly believed in, only to break it a few weeks or months later? What caused you to give up? There are a million reasons to quit, but you only need one reason to keep going.
Tom Ferry Get Your Offers Accepted by Trusting the Process | Confidence & Conversion The federal government has made it mandatory that CRMs allow people to opt out of automatic text messages. There is nothing we can do about that, but also… why would we want to? Having people opt-out of our messages allows us to give more focused attention to the people who are actually interested. This week, […]
Tom Ferry Opening the Doors to Success in Real Estate Investing | TFPE 166 Have you ever hit a rough patch where your offers just aren’t getting accepted? You were probably asking yourself what you did or said wrong, and the answer might be nothing. It’s because you didn’t trust the process! Jeff Mays coaches an agent who recently wrote 17 offers and got 16 accepted. How? By taking […]
Tom Ferry The Team Broker: Helping Other Agents Expand with Passion and Purpose | Team Builders It almost sounds like a fairy tale… A 19-year-old kid buys a dying business on credit, makes a profit on it, then uses all his earnings to invest in real estate. By the time he’s 33, he owns 700 units, lives a totally fulfilling life, and isn’t slowing down yet.   This is my man, […]
Tom Ferry 5 Tips to Generate Leads on Instagram | This Week In Marketing When you look at all the people you have in your life, who are the ones that move you forward? If you wrote down the names of everyone you know, then had to narrow this list down to just a handful of individuals who would support and encourage you to be your best self, who […]
Tom Ferry Choose Who Your Friends Are | MSM 146 Brian Olivard is real tall guy with a real big heart. He went to school to become a social worker, but his love for helping people soon turned to helping them get into the right home. Once he’d developed his own team, Brian set his sights to contributing on a bigger scale – by helping […]
Tom Ferry Objection Handling with Extreme Confidence | Confidence & Conversion So, you’ve spent the time to get good at Instagram… You’ve built up your followers, are producing quality content every week, and are getting the views for it. Then why are you not seeing more results? Have you considered that you’re not directing people to contact you? You need to keep the door open and […]