Tom FerryUncategorized December 31, 1969

EP. 25: The Strategic Partnership That Can Increase Your Real Estate Business

I always encourage you to start making your own videos to reach future clients and help you become the expert agent of your area. You might have some doubts before starting and don’t know how to communicate through video.

Before you give up, I suggest you check out today’s #ThrowbackThursday episode with two expert video gurus: CMO of BombBomb, Steve Pacinelli and Rockstar super agent, Christophe Choo, from Beverly Hills, California, who has over 25 thousand YouTube subscribers.

During a panel moderated by Bill Pipes in one of our breakout sessions from Success Summit 2018, they both talk about why video is so important when it comes to converting leads. Christophe shares tactics he used when recording videos and how it resulted into sales and more referrals, while Steve discusses how videos can play a crucial role in lead conversion by starting conversations with your clients. They also cover how to convey trust and exude warmth with your viewers through your videos that will ultimately demonstrate competency.