Tom FerryUncategorized December 31, 1969

The Story of Your Life: Victor or Victim?

Do you set appointments with yourself?
Tom Toole does, and as a result, he went from being “stuck” at 35 deals per year to 355 closed transactions in 2020 – over the span of about 11 years.

He’s my guest on today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, and if I were you, I’d make an appointment with yourself to watch (or listen) to this episode multiple times.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear straightforward, real-world advice direct from a top-producing agent, this podcast is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

We cover everything from the importance of daily disciplines, to mindset, to video ideas, to tech tools he uses and much, much more. We also “role play” quite a bit so you can see how Tom’s mastery of scripts and objection handlers in action.

Don’t miss out on Tom’s expert insights into running your real estate business efficiently!