Tom FerryUncategorized December 4, 2018

Video Hacks Learned from the Biggest Real Estate Influencers | #TomFerryShow

Doing more of the same only gets you more of the same, and is that what you want for 2019? No, of course not! As you would with your smart phone or devices, you need to apply simple upgrades to your business plan in order to see real progress. The same goes for your real estate listing presentations.

After personally talking to some of the top agents around the world, and being involved in various dialogues and coaching calls, I have come up with a shortlist of top upgrades you can make to your own scripts that I KNOW will make all the difference in your approach to your listings in 2019.

Bottomline? The more we practice, the better we play and the more we get paid, am I right?! So if you aren’t already practicing with your team or presenting in the mirror over and over again, get to it!!

Time is of the essence and when it comes to your livelihood can you really afford to waste even a minute?

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