Tom FerryUncategorized February 4, 2019

EP 1: Jay Abraham on the Strategy of Preeminence and Standing Out from the Competition

Picture the U.S. real estate market as a pie… And then imagine hordes of people standing around, each drooling and grabbing for their own delicious piece of it. Because that’s exactly where we’re at today. Discounters, iBuyers, new hybrids and more are all trying to steal market share from traditional real estate brokers. And the trend only seems to be growing. It’s a scary thought. But here’s the thing: Alternative methods have always existed, and agents who take their businesses seriously always win out.

That’s why on today’s #TomFerryShow, I’m sharing with you three strategies to position yourself as the agent of choice and eliminate the fear associated with a compressed market.

If you and your family depend on your income and you’re committed to this business for the long run, I strongly encourage you to watch this show.

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