Tom FerryUncategorized February 6, 2019

EP 3: Six Phases of Mastery to Become Successful in Real Estate

It’s funny. I devote tons of time throughout the year to plan content for our events, all to ensure we overwhelm attendees with valuable information and knowledge. Yet, despite all that planning, sometimes it’s the spontaneous moments that hit home strongest. Take this excerpt from Summit 2017, for instance. When a woman raised her hand during a Q&A session and simply said, “I’m exhausted,” it led to a deep dive into The Six Phases of Mastery.

If you’ve ever felt run down, tired, at the end of your rope… Or if you’re sick of the rich/poor/rich/poor rollercoaster that happens far too often to solo entrepreneurs like you… this is 30 minutes you absolutely need to hear.

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