Tom FerryUncategorized February 12, 2019

6 Referral Drivers You Should Implement to Stand Out In Your Sphere | #TomFerryShow

There are people out there who say you can run your entire business on referrals.

Now, I’ve never been a “put all your eggs in one basket” type – I prefer a more diversified approach…


There’s no question referrals are a powerful way to generate business.

And here’s the funny twist…

The guy who sparked that whole “Referral Revolution” is now a collaborator and my personal coach, Jay Abraham.

So… Recently Jay and I have been working on modernizing strategies from his famous “93 Referral Systems,” picking and choosing some of the best ways real estate professionals like you can naturally create more referral opportunities.

On today’s #TomFerryShow, I’m revealing six of those strategies. Let’s go!