Tom FerryUncategorized May 21, 2019

Jason Pantana on Lead Generation for Your Business | #TomFerryShow

I know most of you have followed my advice of taking advantage of social media as a tool to further your business and create a breakthrough.

While you’re using it, you might not be using it to its fullest potential, but there’s no need to worry!

I sat down with Jason Pantana, our very own resident marketing guru and host of Marketing Edge. He was able to give some useful tactics on how to boost your business branding on social media.

We also explain why social media makes your branding and lead generation a smoother process. Jason shares some fundamental tips that focus on cultivating your follower sphere into loyal, referral-happy customers by paying attention to your comments instead of constantly posting.

To finish off and get you started on your social media marketing, our video and podcast producer, Richard Mark gives insightful recommendations on how to improve your strategy on YouTube.

Get ready to deep-dive on how you can improve your social media presence.

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