Tom FerryUncategorized September 2, 2019

The Possibilities of a Positive “What If?” Mentality | Mindset Monday

Are you “What if”-ing yourself?

Did you wake up today and immediately fall into a negative “what if” thought? You know the ones I’m talking about… What if I ask them out and they say no? What if I call them and they hang up? What if they don’t hire me for the job?

It’s time you flip the switch! What if you take action, make the call and the client has been desperately been searching for an agent like you to help them sell or buy their home! Break the cycle and start thinking and living the positive “what if”! We all know that with a positive mindset you’ll attract the right people, energy and situations. I challenge you to start thinking in an inspiring and positive “what if.”

What if today is the best Monday?