Tom FerryUncategorized September 3, 2019

SURVIVE with the 2nd Greatest Listing Attraction Source: Geographic Farming | #TomFerryShow

hen I talk to agents, one thing I know for sure is there’s a lot of uncertainty in the industry right now.

Many agents have been questioning their place among discounters and disruptors, and coincidentally, agent Matt DeFede from New Jersey asked where would agents go after Amazon decides to throw their hat in the real estate market.

I find it amazing that Matt asked this question right before Amazon announced their collaboration with Realogy. 

Tech is part of our lives and it’s up to you how you’re going to react to it. What actions and strategies are you going to start implementing to mitigate its impact on your business?

It’s your responsibility to demonstrate why you’re a more attractive solution than Amazon, and one way to do that is through Geographic Farming!

I think this moment is a phenomenal opportunity for you and every agent to start demonstrating the value you can offer to your clients. Human contact and quality services will never go out of style!

This differentiates you from the competition and my answer to Matt’s question and your concern is simple yet powerful!

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