Tom FerryUncategorized September 18, 2019

EP. 35: Elevating Listing Videos to A Viral Art Form with Tim Smith & Chris Stacey

One of the best ways to maximize your awareness in the market and stand out from the competition is to create videos.

Videos show that you’re providing relevant, informative and entertaining content to your viewers, leads, clients, and any person that can potentially hire you for your services. 

Well, Tim Smith has taken all of this to the next level, and on today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Tim and his cinematographer, Chris Stacey share with me all their film secrets. 

Tim and Chris are the geniuses behind the viral hit, ‘Teach Me How To Duffy’ film that led to a recent $35.008 million sale! 

This dynamic duo reveal all the behind-the-scenes details for Teach Me How To Duffy, including the good AND negative comments they received. (Chris has an important lesson on why negative comments can actually help your videos.)

They also share how you MUST be resourceful when producing your videos, tips on how to pull the talent from the people you know in order to have a successful collaboration, and how it’s great taking risks when creating relevant and good content. 

If you’ve been thinking of making your own listing, show or community videos or just need some fresh ideas, then check out this episode!

For show notes and more information, click here.