Tom FerryUncategorized October 15, 2019

Maximize Your Income With These Time Management Tips | #TomFerryShow

I’m always encouraging you to let go of the fear and just START DOING VIDEOS!

Some of you might already be deep into video while others are still waiting to dip your toe in that pool.

Well you’re in luck! On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience episode, members of my marketing team dive deep to break down all the things you NEED to do exceptional videos!

My podcast producer, Brenda Hernández Jaimes and Lead Copywriter, Mark Kiely, interview the talented producer of #TOMSVLOG, Tristan Ervin to share all his golden nuggets of the camera gear you need to make your own videos. 

Tristan goes ALL IN on vlog topics you can do to create a story and bring your viewers along for the ride! 

He even reveals how he creates and tackles the editing process to produce #TOMSVLOG. 

You really don’t want to miss THIS episode to get all these juicy tips from choosing the right music for your videos, DIY video equipment and tips on how to adjust when hiccups cross your video path.

After listening to this episode, you really don’t have an excuse to not do your videos!

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