Tom FerryUncategorized October 22, 2019

7 Important Questions You Need Answers to NOW! | #TomFerryShow

Sometimes my role as coach isn’t all that different from yours as a salesperson. People come to us seeking our expertise, our knowledge, our advice.

Which is why I love answering questions from agents all around the world. I know for every question I get asked, there are likely many more people out there who have that same question… and NEED to hear the answer.

Which brings me to today’s #TomFerryShow.

I’ve received some really great, intriguing questions lately, and I think you probably need to hear these answers. Things like:

  • How to get “un-stuck” from a professional plateau
  • What advice I’d give myself if I could do it all over again
  • Determining the right approach to goal setting
  • Re-starting your career in a new location
  • What to do when you know you’re not fulfilling your true potential
  • How to avoid burnout

And more!

I’ll answer all these inquiries and show you how to get your own question on a future show… Come check it out!