Tom FerryUncategorized October 23, 2019

EP. 40 Insider Details of LA’s 8th Biggest Sale EVER!

Have you been looking into getting into the luxury market? Or maybe you just want a peek inside?

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience episode, I talk with Jon Grauman, the luxury real estate agent who closed the 8th highest sale in Los Angeles history earlier this year!

Jon talks with me on the long, eight-month journey that was filled with hiccups and negotiation fatigue… but ultimately paid off with a $75,000,000 sale!

He covers the biggest lessons he learned during this process. Jon also opens up about being mentally prepared, having the eyes on accomplishing each goal, and how not everything goes as planned. 

Our conversation also touches on forming and maintaining your relationships and treating them with respect… because you never know when you’ll be seeing them again. 

If you’ve been getting that itch to get into the luxury market or being the expert of your area, then listen to the episode to gain all of Jon’s golden nuggets!

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