Tom FerryUncategorized January 15, 2020

EP. 52 Getting Your Business On Track With Operations Edge

Have you encountered a barrier in your business? 

What many agents know and most live through is not being organized in their business… and the negative results might start affecting not only the way they work – it’s also affecting their life!

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talk with Jeff Mays, lead speaker of our brand-new event, Operations Edge, to give you a reminder of what your business life can be when you get on the right path. 

On our previous podcast episode that covered Operations Edge, Jeff and I went deep about these obstacles, and on today’s episode we’re covering pivotal pain points that you and many entrepreneurs are dealing every single day. 

We also cover on what you can expect to see and learn during the two day event of Operations Edge. 

Listen to the episode to learn more about all the details you need to know about Operations Edge! If you haven’t texted me yet with a question, then hit me up at 949-216-5466! Let’s talk about how you’re going to get your business on track!

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