Tom FerryUncategorized June 11, 2020

Coaching Your Team | #TBT

Your job right now is important on several levels: for your own bank balance, for helping consumers move forward with their lives, and to assist the economy on its road to post-COVID recovery.

And the number one role you can play in all of this is to be your market’s “knowledge broker.”

Which should actually be easy because there’s a lot of positive movement in various indicators right now, and David Childers and I cover all of them on this episode of This Week in Housing for June 12th.

Whether it’s data demonstrating home showings ahead of pre-COVID numbers, month-over-month “listings taken” stats being up nearly 20% nationwide, home price projections from six major industry forecasters, unemployment headed in the right direction, or the strong equity position among American households – it’s all positive traction you should be sharing with consumers.

We also discuss the giant impact every home sale has on our overall economy – hammering home the crucial role real estate can play in driving the economic recovery.

Whatever you do, don’t get caught paying more attention to the sensationalized headlines than the actual data itself. Learn the data, study your local market, and share the good news with potential buyers and sellers in your area!