Tom FerryUncategorized August 21, 2020

This Week in Housing: Building Consumer Confidence with Realistic Data | #BonusEpisode

How are you building confidence?


The August 21st episode of This Week in Housing covers all your questions on the latest data of forbearance, home prices, unemployment and valuable tips on how to build confidence with your clients and builders!


I was joined by David Childers from Keeping Current Matters, Alyssia Essig, Tom Ferry Coach and Rockstar agent, and Yvonne Arnold, Tom Ferry Coach and host of Virtual Edge. 


We covered important data points on the reality of forbearance, but also shared valuable steps to show up for your community through social media marketing and building confidence during this market. 


You have so much information and tools at your disposal, don’t waste them! Listen to the episode and choose two or three tips that fit your strategy and business, so you can move your business forward!