Tom FerryUncategorized September 15, 2020

6 Tips to “Google-Ready” Your Business for 2021 | #TomFerryShow

Let’s say you need to know something immediately. Where do you turn?

Google, of course.

The same holds true for consumers trying to find the right agent for their next move. Which means when they conduct that search, you need to have positioned yourself to show up as the natural best choice.

That’s what todays #TomFerryShow – guest hosted by Jason Pantana – is all about.

6 Tips to “Google-Ready” Your Business for 2021 will show you:

  • How to control the critical first impression
  • The seemingly small details that make a big difference
  • SEO tips and tricks

We’ll also expose you to a few “must-have” tools and apps you should be using to better understand the customer’s journey and improve your search rankings. Don’t miss out!