Tom FerryUncategorized October 7, 2020

EP. 90 Success Through Perspective & Positivity with Joseph McClendon III

How are you framing your perspective when faced with the situations 2020 has presented us?


In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I have the honor of hosting my good friend, Joseph McClendon III to talk about reframing your perspective and positivity to achieve success.


Joseph previously spoke at this year’s Success Summit and shared so many golden nuggets on the power of mindset, and this podcast episode is no different! He went deep on the 60/20/20 formula to become a megapreneur in 2021 and the three powerful P’s that will help you change your perspective!


We also covered a simple yet important formula to conditioning changes that will help you move forward during these hard times. 


From advice on how to build a strong self-esteem to improving your health and vitality, this conversation is filled with so many important lessons!


Take out your notebook and get ready to write some notes after you listen or watch this powerful episode!