Tom FerryUncategorized October 9, 2020

This Week in Housing: Talking Education, Employment, & Election Impact |#BonusEpisode

How are you stepping up as the educator in your marketplace?

The October 7th episode of This Week of Housing covers your questions on the latest news of housing recovery, unemployment numbers, and how the real estate industry will be affected by the presidential election. 

I was joined by David Childers from Keeping Current Matters, as well as Carlton Bell and Johanna Fatheree, Tom Ferry Coaches and Rockstar agents! 

We covered why you need to become the educator of your marketplace and shared important scripts to use with your clients. As the trusted agent of your area, you need to be backed up by real data and real facts!

In this episode we also shared valuable key metrics on mortgages in active forbearance and helpful scripts on how to get more listings!

Step into your full potential to help and inform your clients about the current market so they can make the best decision!