Tom FerryUncategorized November 25, 2020

EP. 97 Sustaining Happiness Through the 8 Equities in Life

How are you sustaining growth and happiness in your life?

In today’s episode I want to talk to you one on one about actively growing your life for the better. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I wanted to be honest with you, this year has brought us so many challenges and it’s been hard on everyone, no doubt about it. 

I wanted to share how I’ve been uplifting myself and maintaining happiness throughout the year… and what better way than to share it for this occasion? 

It all started with my 20-year vision letter, and you’ve heard me talk about it on the podcast, but I want to go deeper on how I’ve been revisiting the 8 life equities that are part of this letter, and how it’s provided much-needed encouragement. 

I also share helpful ways for you to take on this challenge, such as writing down 10 things you want to accomplish and really looking into the actions you need to take to accomplish them. And take the time to be honest with yourself on what area in your life you need to improve on. 

Listen to today’s episode and let’s put your goals into action!