Tom FerryUncategorized December 23, 2020

EP. 101 Answering 4 Important Real Estate Questions

Take proactive steps to move your business forward before 2021 starts!


In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I’m sharing an excerpt from this year’s Success Summit where I answer my guest’s real estate questions!


I cover questions from new real estate agents who have a limited budget on marketing and where they should place their focus. If you feel too overwhelmed about creating content for your videos and are having trouble balancing your work as a Rockstar real estate agent, I share helpful tips you need to do now. I also reveal a golden checklist that you need to apply right away so you can start the new year with smart actions and see growth in your business. 


While you listen, I want to know, what you’re going to do from now to the end of the year to get yourself and your business ready for the new year?