Tom FerryUncategorized February 13, 2021

This Week in Housing: Control the Housing Narrative with Data | #BonusEpisode

Are you controlling the narrative with data?

The February 12th episode of This Week in Housing covers the latest data on forbearance, news on what’s going on in the market, and recommended scripts for you to share the important metrics to your clients.

It’s all about calming your clients with data, so I’ll ask you again, how are you controlling the narrative?

Don’t panic, take the time to listen through and talk about the reality of what’s happening now. Your clients want to be informed and guided by your knowledge. Step in and share the truth of housing prices, forbearance and answer your clients’ valid questions on what’s going on with the market.

Next time someone asks you, “How’s the Market?” share with them the data we’re sharing today!