Tom FerryUncategorized March 17, 2021

EP. 113 Going In Depth with Real Estate Renaissance Man Byron Lazine

Byron Lazine runs teams in Connecticut and Florida, he’s a well-known podcaster, he’s an entrepreneur and owner of a media company, he’s a content-creating machine and he masterminds regularly with many of the best in the business.

So maybe it’s not all that surprising that he’s one of the first “repeat” guests I’ve had on the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience!

In today’s pod, we get into the nitty gritty of team accountability, what marketing is working now, Byron’s favorite tech tools, how to avoid irrelevancy, and much, much more.

As Byron says in this episode, “It’s time to stop playing small.” Come see how he learned that lesson and the steps he’s taking to grow in today’s opportunity-filled market.