Tom FerryUncategorized March 24, 2021

EP. 114 Talking Health, Covid Fallout & the Importance of Transitions with Pam Jacobson

Listening to the fascinating insights that board-certified functional medicine practitioner Pam Jacobson shares on today’s podcast, I can’t help but recognize how many similarities there are between maintaining positive health and running a successful business. No matter how much you know, you must implement what you’ve learned. You’ve gotta walk the walk and do the work. Then there’s the importance of a powerful morning routine and tracking and measuring your progress. Pam and I cover a lot of ground, too… Anti-aging, bigger issues Pam sees on the horizon as fallout from Covid, the vaccine, meditation and app recommendations, probiotics, exercise, and oxygenation. PLUS… why TRANSITIONS are more important than ever right now! If you’re at all interested in your own health, prolonging your life span, eating right, or achieving a healthier lifestyle, this is one episode you cannot miss.


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