Tom FerryUncategorized May 19, 2021

This 15-Minute Rant Could Be Extremely Valuable for Your Real Estate Business

Last week I shot a long form live video with Tim Smith and David Childers, and as soon as it finished, I started getting requests for one specific excerpt.

I’m happy to deliver it as today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience.

Tim Smith has already closed $300 million in sales in 2021, so anytime you can get a mega-producer’s take on things, it’s worth listening.

And in just about 15 minutes, we cover many of the most pressing topics in our industry today:

  • The fundamental baseline for success as a real estate agent
  • How to overcome the “Even if I sell, where would I go?” dilemma
  • The changing definition of “listing appointment”
  • The one question you should be asking every homeowner today

And much more! Don’t miss this one.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:35 – The fundamentals that are absolutely REQUIRED in today’s market – AKA why you can’t complain if you’re not doing the work

2:04 – Tim says “Let me move the chain a little bit” when it comes to listing appointments

3:11 – Who are the “Research Phase” sellers in your marketplace?

3:34 – How to solve for would-be sellers who can’t find anywhere to move

6:43 – The new appointment format that gets listings today

8:04 – Tom role plays Expired follow up – and Tim thinks a new career path might be in Tom’s future

9:35 – “You really are now an advisor” through a “gruesome experience”

10:49 – If there’s a time to take a risk, it’s on THIS type of properties

12:23 – The one question you should be asking every homeowner today

13:18 – My bold prediction for a commission-killing trend emerging in the next 3-4 years

14:39 – This is going back to what everybody says… Realtors are lazy, right?

15:40 – Tim’s take on what top agents are doing now