Tom FerryUncategorized January 5, 2022

Video Rockstar Roundtable: Video as Modern-Day Prospecting | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Imagine not needing to make calls because your video content is attracting so many clients. While it might seem like a pipe dream to some, it’s the reality for the video Rockstars on today’s podcast.

When we recently invited a handful of agents to the Dallas office for a video mastermind, they shared just about everything you need to know about how to succeed with real estate video marketing:

  • How and when they create their content
  • What and when they post
  • The exponential reach of video that many agents overlook
  • Tips on how to communicate on video
  • The critical importance of authenticity
  • Why shooting video is like working out

They also open up about their initial fears – you’ll be surprised at how many of these people who seem so natural in front of the camera once had the same fears that prevent agents from using video to its full potential.

Our own marketing expert Jason Pantana hosts this fascinating roundtable discussion featuring Phil Gerdes, David Caldwell, Glennda Baker, Ray Ellen, Katie Day, Steven Kim, Zachary Foust, and Chris Kwon. Get your note pad ready and listen up!