Tom FerryUncategorized March 29, 2022

Balancing Act: How a Married Couple Built 5 Businesses in 5 Years | Team Builders

Growing up in poverty, Andy Dane Carter knew that if he was ever going to escape his situation and establish a legacy, he’d have to completely reinvent himself. Today, Andy has reinvented many times over, from a sommelier to running a marketing company, a real estate investor, a builder, and now an agent.

This week, Andy joined me to discuss the journey of his career and how he’s become a powerhouse in his market in a record amount of time. Some of his secrets include:

  • The crucial skill of communication in business and in life
  • The superpower of investing with a legacy mindset
  • Living a life of balance and gratitude
  • Asking the right questions and always learning

No matter what your specialty, I’d urge you to listen and learn from Andy’s example. Maybe even pass this episode along to some of your friends who aren’t in real estate, because as you’ll see, it’s never too late to get started.