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Tom Ferry How to Set Yourself Apart as the Luxury Insider | Luxury Code Why would anyone need a full-service broker when they could just sell their home by themselves? Because that would be a bad idea! Going with a smart agent (like you) is the best decision they could possibly make to maximize their money. Need irrefutable proof? That’s what Tom Toole is here for. On this week’s […]
Tom Ferry Master Strategies for Open Houses, Circle Dialing, and Prospecting | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience It’s no secret that luxury real estate has changed. Properties that were once vacation homes are now becoming primaries. Homes are selling way before they even hit the market. With so many variables, how do you know your clients’ needs before they even do, attract business, and always stay steps ahead of the competition? Allow […]
Tom Ferry Creating a Culture that Attracts the Best | Team Builders STOP complaining about a lack of inventory! I don’t want to hear it. We sold seven million homes in the U.S. last year, and things are only getting better. It’s time to focus on what you can control… And what can you control?   If you’re Jeff Mays, you could practically sell rain to the […]
Tom Ferry Invisible Walls | Mindset Monday At only 37-years-old, Jen Dillard is running a team of 12 agents and is on track to do $100 million in volume by the end of this year. You could say her growth potential is unlimited, but Jen doesn’t actively recruit for her team… Instead, she concentrates on fostering a culture that attracts the exact […]
Tom Ferry Dominate the 3 Types of Search to Get Found | This Week in Marketing Life is always moving along smoothly until suddenly it isn’t. Some obstacle always seems to pop up to try to stop us.    When this happens, are you the person who gets stuck banging your head against it? Or are you the one who leans in, thinks sharp, and keeps moving?
Tom Ferry A Super Simple Hack for Converting Online Leads | Confidence & Conversion Everyone is always looking to find more clients, but maybe the best strategy is to help them find you. Because they’re looking! People want to buy houses, and they’ll go with an agent who turns up when they press “search” on whatever platform they’re using. Having poor search optimization (beyond just the standard search engines) […]
Tom Ferry Finding the Niche that Gets You into Luxury Real Estate | Luxury Code What if I told you that you could convert 30% of your online leads with a two-step process that takes almost no time or effort? It’s hard to even talk about without giving it away. Luckily, Jeff Mays is here to give you this little slice of brilliance in just five minutes. In the time […]
Tom Ferry Now is the Time to Buy! Unpacking the Market with Ivy Zelman | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience Imagine this problem: your personal wine cellar is getting so full that you need to find extra storage. The problems of a successful luxury agent, right?! Now, imagine if it was your love for wine that could be your ticket into the luxury market… But what if you don’t like wine? Use something else you […]
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Tom Ferry Finding the Perfect Team for 5-Star Service | Team Builders Ivy Zelman needs no introduction. Zelman & Associates is one of the absolute best resources for the real estate industry data points that you need to give your clients extraordinary value and certainty in working with you.   On this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Ivy talks with me about interest rates, inflation, […]
Tom Ferry 3 Underrated Marketing Channels to Expand Your Brand | This Week in Marketing Most marketing channels are so oversaturated with content that you might be lucky if your posts are even seen before they disappear from the feed. Luckily, there are better ways to attract attention easily. The goal here is not to just have your content seen, but to make it work for you over time. On […]
Tom Ferry Roll With the Punches (In the Face) | Mindset Monday What doesn’t kill you does NOT always make you stronger. What makes you stronger is how you REACT to these situations. Life has longer arms than you do, and when Life wants to box, you can’t play defense in hopes of not getting hit. You’re GETTING HIT. Is it going to be a miserable experience […]
Tom Ferry 3 Steps to Getting Your Offers Accepted FAST | Confidence & Conversion In markets like Orange County, California, high-dollar luxury real estate is flying fast. With this much competition, you need to move fast and make your offers stand out above all the rest. Enter Susan Piazza. This week on Confidence & Conversion, Susan lets me in on her three-step system which ensures that she almost always […]
Tom Ferry Realtor to the Stars: 3 Traits for Success in the Luxury Market | Luxury Code What does it take to work with celebrity clients, double your numbers in a year, provide massive value, and build a successful business in luxury real estate? It all starts with mindset and energy, and it’s hard to think of someone who displays this better than Joy Metalios. In this Luxury Code, Joy shares with […]
Tom Ferry Causing Explosive Growth in Multifamily Investment Sales | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience 14 years ago, Daniel Blackwell was living out of his car in the parking lot of his office. Today, Dan has closed over a billion dollars in sales and struck a name for himself as one of the sharpest agents in multifamily real estate. His secret? It’s not a secret! Dan has one of the […]
Tom Ferry Solo to Team in 5 Moves | Team Builders Me and Alyssia Essig go way back. Over her 25 years in the business, she’s done it all, from working on her own, to leading teams, and now she’s teaching leadership as one of our coaches! This week, Alyssia is going to tell you the 5 vital steps to building a dream team that will […]
Tom Ferry Are You Embracing Change? | Mindset Monday If change never stops, then why do we resist it? Why do we struggle with things beyond our control instead of using them to find our own greatness? I want to challenge you to take a look at the way that you adapt to the new. Where could you see an opportunity instead of an […]
Tom Ferry The Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Successful Geographic Farm | This Week in Marketing You’ve probably heard me say it before: it’s all about relationship marketing. And one of my favorite ways to do this is with a geographical farm. Farming will not only boost your business, but when done right, could make you the most popular person in your community. I sat down with Monica Carr to discuss […]
Tom Ferry Supercharge Your Process for Relocation Buyers | Confidence & Conversion Austin is booming right now, and with a huge number of these buyers relocating from another state, it takes a superstar agent like Khani Zulu to make them feel comfortable and confident getting into their new homes. Khani has a brilliant process which includes specialized questionnaires, getting the most out of technology, and maximizing her […]
Tom Ferry Developing a Sixth Sense for Selling Luxury Real Estate | Luxury Code Michael Franco began his career in NYC as a lawyer, but his love for the city soon turned to a love for luxury real estate. In record time, Michael became a power broker in the New York luxury market, and this week, he shares some of his secrets for breaking into high-dollar listings and thriving […]
Tom Ferry Leaning In on Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, the Metaverse and How It All Relates to Real Estate | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience