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Tom Ferry Maximizing Per-Agent Productivity with Teresa Cowart | Team Builders The only constant is change. And right now, the real estate industry is seemingly on the cusp of a whole new territory when it comes to blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. Here’s the thing – I’m not predicting a major shift anytime soon, but I do want you to be informed and prepared. The longer you […]
Tom Ferry Keep Moving Forward | Mindset Monday Challenges are going to arise. People are going to leave. Clients are going to ghost you. When these things happen, do you take it personally and let it derail you? Or do you stay on your path and keep moving forward? Let’s agree to respect the journey people are on… and remain focused on your […]
Tom Ferry The Big 5 Real Estate Video Avatars | This Week in Marketing There’s never been a better medium to earn consumer trust and demonstrate your knowledge than video. But if you’re still floating aimlessly, unsure of where you fit in the video landscape, today’s episode of This Week in Marketing is for you. In just 13 minutes, Jason Pantana breaks down five real estate video avatars to […]
Tom Ferry 2 Wildly Different (Yet Highly Effective) Prospecting Strategies | Confidence & Conversion Circle dialing and calling your past clients don’t really have anything to do with each other. Except one thing: They’re both highly effective prospecting strategies to use today. On today’s episode of Confidence & Conversion, I continue my conversation with Tom Toole and we role play scripts and dialogues for both of these strategies. Tom […]
Tom Ferry Stepping Into Your Greatness with MDLNY’s Kirsten Jordan | Luxury Code “Brokers are a dime a dozen. Even at the luxury level, they’re everywhere. If you can’t differentiate yourself and have a confident conversation with buyers and sellers about what’s really going on… you’re dead in the water.” Sage advice from Kirsten Jordan, longtime New York real estate professional and the first female agent cast on […]
Tom Ferry Breaking Down T3 Sixty’s 9 Most Important Trends for 2022 | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience Every year, real estate consultants T3 Sixty release the Swanepoel Trends Report, tackling some of the most relevant topics concerning our industry. With the recent release of the 2022 report, I asked T3 Sixty’s president Jack Miller to join me on today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience to discuss all 9 trends they’ve […]
Tom Ferry Solving Problems at Scale with a 3000 Annual Transactions Team Leader | Team Builders As team leader of Arizona-statewide real estate group The Laughton Team, George Laughton oversees approximately 150 agents closing 3000 transactions annually for a total of 1 billion dollars in volume. So he knows what it takes to successfully build a powerhouse real estate team. But today’s episode of Team Builders isn’t only for those building […]
Tom Ferry What’s Your 4-Minute Mile? | Mindset Monday Throughout history, ambitious people have been able to shatter glass ceilings and achieve more than ever thought possible. Why? Because they were obsessed. They were fully committed to their goals and stopped at nothing to achieve them. I know you have a similar ambition within you. So… what’s your four-minute mile?
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Tom Ferry Win More Local Business by Optimizing Your Google Business Profile | This Week in Marketing “Best hairstylist near me.” “Great sushi near me.” “Reliable plumber near me.” Sound familiar? People use Google to search for resources like this all the time. So it only makes sense to have a strong presence on Google for that next search for “Best real estate agent near me.” That’s why your Google Business Profile […]
Tom Ferry Hot Market Objection Handlers You Should Be Using | Confidence & Conversion Many homeowners today are scared to move because all they hear is how difficult it is to buy a house, and they feel like they’ll be stranded with nowhere to live if they sell. Tom Toole is here to dispel that notion. I asked him to join me on today’s Confidence & Conversion to talk […]
Tom Ferry 10 Steps to Success in Luxury Real Estate with Gary Gold | Luxury Code Gary Gold has sold some of the top, record-breaking luxury properties in Greater Los Angeles –The Playboy Mansion, The Hearst Estate, The Chartwell Estate, and more – and for good reason! As you’ll see on today’s Luxury Code, Gary doesn’t just cross his fingers and hope he’s able to land these high-profile listings. He has […]
Tom Ferry Why Winning Scares People and Other Intense Truths from Tim Grover | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience Do you want to win bad enough? Tim Grover knows what it takes to win. He’s seen it in his career training superstar athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley and many others. Today he’s an author and business consultant, and I had the good fortune to present him as a keynote speaker to […]
Tom Ferry The Cheat Code for Building Your Own Mega Team (Part 2) | Team Builders Last week’s part one gave you a taste of DJ & Lindsey DellaSala’s amazing success over the last five years, going from 84 annual transactions to more than 2,600! Today we wrap up this stimulating conversation by diving deep into: Effective lead generation systems The most important indicators DJ & Lindsey track and measure How […]
Tom Ferry Up Your Mental Toughness in 2022 | Mindset Monday How many times in 2021 did you put your blinders on and absolutely slay the day? How many times can you do it in 2022? Here’s the thing: When you gain the mental toughness to do that over and over again, you’ll experience geometric growth in your business. Check out my important message in today’s […]
Tom Ferry Putting Instagram Reels on Steroids: A 13-Minute Step-by-Step Walkthrough | This Week in Marketing Instagram is always evolving, and right now you can be an early adopter on one of the best opportunities it provides – Reels ads. This is basically putting money behind your short-form Reels videos and gaining the ability to target specific audiences. On today’s episode of This Week in Marketing, our resident expert Jason Pantana […]
Tom Ferry Against the Grain: Making a Case for Why Buyers are Preferable to Sellers | Confidence & Conversion It pretty much goes without saying that most agents prefer working with sellers over buyers. But it’s not unanimous… as long as Alyssia Essig is in the game. You see, Alyssia has figured out how to overcome all those tired tropes about buyers. And in the process, she’s opened up a whole new world of […]
Tom Ferry 3 Requirements for Success in High-End Real Estate (Part 2 of 2) | Luxury Code Lauren Grauman, Jon Grauman, and Steven Cohen return with tons more insight into the luxury real estate market in part two of this two-part Luxury Code. From all three of these Rockstar agents, you’ll sense their genuine commitment to better serve their clients AND live more fulfilling lives in the process. Along the way we […]
Tom Ferry Getting Real About Real Estate with the Notorious R.O.B. | Tom Ferry Podcast Experience Real estate consultant and blogger Rob Hahn is never short of opinions. He’s worked with some of the largest firms in the industry, and oftentimes his “takes” turn controversial because he speaks his mind and says what people need to hear, not what they want to hear. So you know we’re in for a good […]
Tom Ferry The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask & Answer When Building a Team (Part 1) | Team Builders In 2016, DJ & Lindsey DellaSala’s “The DJ & Lindsey Team” closed 84 transactions in their Northeast Florida marketplace. That’s an extremely impressive year. But DJ & Lindsey weren’t content. They saw more untapped potential. So they started putting systems in place to go after it. They nearly doubled their production in 2017, and their […]
Tom Ferry How to Establish Instant Authority in Your Market with Video | This Week in Marketing What happens when you’re new in real estate and suddenly realize you don’t have a compelling reason for people to work with you? Wouldn’t it be great if… …You found a way to build near-instant authority in your market. …Homeowners never questioned what you’ll do to market their house. …Consumers recognize the value you bring […]